Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Illinois Werewolf Then & Now: Is it still here?

Hello, and thanks for stopping by and checking this blog out. Before this incident you're about to read about, we never even thought of "Werewolves" as being actual creatures until that day... Here's the original post:

"A source would like to share their account of a large biped creature they encountered in 2007.

'It was October 1st and I was coming home from a visit to the forest preserve. It was extremely foggy and misty that day. And as I turned off the main street and into my subdivision, I glanced into the rear view mirror and saw something I will not soon forget. Something was standing upright in the middle of the street and it wasn't human. My first thought was a large dog but it couldn't be. As I slowed down and came to a stop I observed the creature. It appeared to be six plus feet in height (ED* give or take), covered in a brownish-gray fur, and a head that resembled a German Shepherd but larger. It had elongated fingers and toes with claws on both. I continued to watch the creature as it dropped to all fours and ran off into a field and disappeared. I was in utter shock after what I had witnessed as my house was just a block away. When I entered my driveway, I sat and looked toward the wooded dead end path which was the direction it was heading when I saw it last. I got out of my car quickly, entered my house and locked all the doors and closed the curtains. I continued to watch out the window towards the dead end trying to catch a glimpse of the creature once more, But I have never seen anything like it since. And I've never shared this with anyone before. It was amazing and frightening all at the same time."
Now, four years have passed since that fateful day with no incident (besides the occasional UFO but that's a different blog), until last month (October 24) when we were looking at Google Earth images of the spot where the sighting took place. I had to double take because what I saw truly freaked me out. There appeared to be some sort of animal like "thing" standing in almost the exact same spot as where the eyewitness saw the biped creature in 2007.  There is a "measure" tool in Google Earth if you're not familiar with the program, that can determine how long an object is, and it's usually accurate. I used this tool and ascertained that this "thing" was nearly 5 feet long (It seemed to be on all fours). Which would pin it almost in the size bracket of the original observed creature. Here is the image:
(It was taken on May 28, 2010. Fairly old, but still recent in comparison to the original sighting)

Now zoomed in and enhanced:

I go down this street all the time and I can assure you what ever this is shouldn't be there. And in my opinion, does in fact look like some kind of large animal on all fours...
I started this blog because I feel that this is a subject that doesn't get nearly as much attention and investigation as it should. Legends of wolf like creatures go back thousands of years and come from many parts of the world. Which is unusual because if it was just some tall tale created by man way back then, it wouldn't have been so widespread across the world. There was no way to relay information to far away places so how could ALL of these different cultures be depicting the same thing all over the place if they're just simply myths? My goal is to try and collect evidence of this creatures existence and once and for all lay the "folklore" to rest as scientific proof.
And by the way, I live about an hour from the famous Bray Road in Wisconsin...